Christopher in London

The Pendennis built sailing yacht Christopher has been exploring Northern Europe following her participation in this year’s Pendennis Cup in Falmouth. Following visits to Ireland and Scandinavia the beautiful 46m ketch has now travelled to London.

The yacht had an adventurous journey up the Thames. Christopher cleared the central span of the QEII bridge, which traverses the Thames at Dartford, by just centimetres after having to remove her lightening rod and burgee to pass through. Christopher’s main mast at 53.4m tall is the largest to ever pass under the bridge which has an air clearance of just 54m.

Ron Holland, the yacht’s designer when she was built at Pendennis is 2011, follows the Christopher’s adventures with interest. “It is a delight to see such beautiful yachts returning to the UK, and fantastic for the British superyacht industry that yachts such as Christopher are including the British Isles as part of their global voyage.”