Mariette arrives for Refit

The stunning 103-year old schooner Mariette of 1915 was hauled out at Pendennis on the 1st September to commence a winter refit programme. As a regular visitor to the yard, and Pendennis Cup competitor, the yacht has strong ties to Falmouth. She first visited Pendennis in for a refit in 2010 with work focused on an engineering overhaul and the addition of folding propellers to improve both efficiency and performance.

In 2012 Mariette’s refit works were mainly in preparation for the Pendennis Cup which was held in the Summer of that year. Her improvements obviously paid dividends as she was crowned St Petroc’s Class winner, as well as receiving the overall Pendennis Cup title. The yacht’s next visit in 2014 was pre-emptive of Mariette’s participation in her fourth Pendennis Cup.

Mariette’s schedule of works for this season are more extensive, including metal repairs to the hull and structure, a new deck, new engine room layout and new topside paint. Redelivery is scheduled for Spring 2018.