Shore-side Expansion Complete

Extensive development of the Falmouth site has seen the previous singular construction hall replaced with two 90m halls alongside a further 45m double-width hall. The three new halls were completed in stages to cater to project demand. As Halls 1 and 2 were midway through their build schedule, projects were manoeuvred into their aft ends and sealed off to allow production to continue. Once these buildings were completed two further projects were moved in, with the third hall now being used for keel-laying of the 31.3m Dubois new build. Pendennis has also taken delivery of a 640 tonne travel hoist, which is ideally positioned to move yachts smoothly from the slipway into each of the three halls.

The impressive facilities have been tailored to manage the unique demands of superyacht refit and build. The four-storey central spine contains workshops, trade areas and project team offices to enable direct access to projects situated in the halls. An 80m mast shed has been integrated into the lowest level, creating a convenient environmentally controlled area for spraying and servicing. A network of air ducts were built into the floor of each building allowing yachts to be individually sealed and an environmentally controlled paint environment created in situ.

The shore side building phase was completed in May with a four-storey workshop/office/hospitality complex. Glass balconies provide a stunning outlook over the Fal estuary, and a unique work environment for project teams and visiting crews.

Pendennis already has contractors on site creating a non-tidal wet-basin directly in front of the recently completed construction halls. With the longest arm of the basin planned to be 100m this will enable several 40-50m visiting yachts, or larger 80m+ projects, to be based directly alongside before and after their refit or build period at Pendennis. This next phase is due to be completed in 2015, finalising the transformation of Pendennis into one of the most impressive and accessible superyacht facilities in the world.

* The Pendennis Yard Development project is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund Programme 2007 to 2013.